Vastu Tips for Married Couple marrige life

From ages, Vaastu Shastra is regarded as an integral aspect of planning everything, right from building homes or offices to the matters concerning money, health and married life, Its ample benefits have encouraged more and more people to adopt Vastu Shastra practices while planning their lives. Vastu Shastra is becoming omnipresent around us.

Vastu Tips for Married Couple

Here, we are sharing simple and easy Vastu tips shared by Master Deepak Ji for a happy married life.

1 . The couple is advised to keep their bedroom in the South-West of the house.

2 . Try to avoid bedroom in South-East as this direction brings in fire i.e. anger. It may lead to the disputes between the couple.

3. Always set bed in the South-West part of the bedroom.

4. Avoid placing the bed in the Northern and Eastern zone of the bedroom as it may lead to mental stress and financial instability.

5. The couple should sleep with their heads pointing towards South direction.

6. The bed placed in the bedroom should be preferably a wooden one instead of choosing a metal or wrought iron one.

7. Always build square or rectangular bedrooms to bring peace and love to life.

8. The most important factor of Vastu in married life is the placement of water and fire element which is indicated by the positioning of the gas stove/cooking range and sink. The gas stove represents ‘fire’, the sink depicts ‘water’.  If these two elements are placed wrongly, it may develop frictions between family members.

9. Always keep sharp objects such as knife and scissors covered. Openly placed sharp objects create bitterness in relations.

10. Newly married and the couples aspiring for children should never sleep in a North-East room. Make room free from sharp objects or bright colors.

11. Avoid water reservoir/swimming pool in the South-West direction. Mirrors are strictly restricted for bedrooms. In addition, computers and TV are not advisable to be in the room. However, if you have TV and computer in the bedroom, cover them with a cloth while sleeping in the night.

12. The foot of the bed should not directly face the door. Never place your bed between two doors.

13. Keep the door of the attached restroom always shut and restroom seat cover down, when not in use.

14. Paint the walls of your bedroom light green, light rose or blue color, to give it a soothing effect.

16. Make your bedroom the most romantic area of your house by using candles, flowers, etc.

17. The couples going through clashes or disturbed married period are advised to wear red color. As per Vastu beliefs, this will bring back the lost love in your life and arouses your sexual life as well.

18. It is important to maintain the light provisions in the house. Rooms should be opened to sunlight. Keep your house well lit, until and unless you are ready to go off to sleep.

19. Decorate your house with beautiful crystals items as they are believed to provide light in dark shades of life and thus, illuminate your relationships as well.

20. For a healthy relationship, keep your house free from unnecessary clutter, as they restrict the flow of love.

21 . Never place the images or statues of your deity in the bedroom. They are best kept in the prayer room.

22. Create an aura filled with magnificent love colors, like orange, purple, red and pink.

23. Keep fruits like pomegranates, in the room. In Vastu, they are known as a symbol of fertility,

24. Always keep fresh flowers in the room.

25. For couples facing marital disharmony, it is recommended to use a double bed, with a ‘single’ mattress. Too many mattresses increase the chances of conflicts and arguments.

26. Keep such objects and furniture in your room, which symbolize love. For instance, you can keep a heart-shaped clock or a red colored couch in your room, to keep positivity prevailing in your life.

27. A dusty bedroom means dust on the relationship as well. Therefore, make sure that every morning your bedroom free from dust.

28. Spread light colored sheets or sheets on your bed with flowery designs on it.

Master Deepak Ji believes that practicing Vastu Shastra principles will surely bless the couples with the cosmic luck and thus, certainly helps married couple in attaining positive energies to keep their relationships healthy and happy.

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