Vastu Tips For Wealth - Vastu For Money & Getting Rich

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Vedic astronomy which explains the influence of five elements of nature on the 16 Vastu directions. Each of these directions is ruled by a specific God or Goddess.  Lord Kuber rules the north direction of Vastu and is worshiped as the God of wealth and prosperity.

It is believed that if Kuber is happy with someone, he showers his blessings of abundant wealth and prosperity on the person. If you are struggling for a wealthy life, then you must read these simple and easy to follow Vastu tips for wealth, money and getting rich.

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10 Vastu Tips for Money – Attract Wealth With Vastu

  1. If your apartment lies at the end of a long corridor, or there is a corridor in front of your home entrance, it is considered unlucky for the inhabitants. As the energy flowing towards the main door will be too aggressive, causing the risk to your financial investments. In order to dilute its negative effects,  keeping a plant halfway down the corridor.
  2. Make your front door distinctive or attract wealth within. Color it different from the neighboring walls.
  3. It is believed that dirty window glasses or window panes restrict the flow of money to the home.  So, always keep the windows of your house clean and shiny to attract wealth.
  4. An addition of decorative boulders or pebbles around your house will give a touch of creativity to your house. Also, as per Vastu perspectives, will increase the movement of financial energy in a business that is suffering from delays or crises. Another option is to give a curved pathway entrance to the house for similar results.
  5. Keep live plants or grains in the restroom as they will convert the flowing water energy into positive results. Thus, it will control the expenses and prevent the money from running to drain, Keep a mirror to reflect your cash box or locker. It, symbolically, doubles your wealth and opportunities.
  6. Keep a birdbath/birdhouse or feeder in the yard to attract wildlife, as it augments the amount of energy around your home. Birdbaths and bird-feeders can be of great help in cleaning up your
  7. finances and drawing prosperity from all directions.
  8. The closet in which jewelry, valuables, and important papers are kept should be positioned very carefully. The ideal location is at the West-side wall, facing the East, or a South-West corner facing the
  9. East or the North. The closet should be located at the South wall such that it faces towards the North. It brings good fortune and considered profitable because of North direction, which is ruled by ‘Kuber’, the God of wealth and blessed by his bestowment of prosperity.
  10. Purple is the color which represents wealth. Keeping a purple-colored plant in the South-East corner would be beneficial. Else, buy a purple colored pot or a plain pot and paint it purple. Grow a ‘money plant’ or ‘Jade plant’ in this pot and place it in the South-East corner of the drawing room of the house. If there is a residential office, it would be better to place the pot in the South-East area of the office.

According to Master Deepak Ji, one must follow Vastu principles with intact belief and devotion. Only then, these principles can help to lead a peaceful, prosperous and contented life.

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