Vastu is a divine science of directions that leads to a number of benefits in an individual’s life. Students, nowadays, are working very hard to score well in their exams but sometimes after all such hard work, the outcome is not satisfactory and they get upset, and discouraged towards their goals. Vastu is a blessing for such students who want to achieve their goals that drive them to a bright future.

Here, are certain Vastu tips recommended by our Vedic astrologer & vastu expert Master Deepak Ji that will encourage the students to improve their concentration during the exams, sharpen memory power and hence prove to be beneficial for obtaining good results.

  • Make the study room in the North-East area of the home. If there is no study room in the house, students are advised to choose the Northeast part of their bedroom.
  • The door of the study room or bedroom of the child should not be inclined at any angle to the attached walls.
  • Always keep the study table and surrounding area extremely clean. Arrange the books in a systematic manner. Never dump any discarded books or papers around.
  • While studying, always face towards the East to attain the positivity of sun from nature.
  • Avoid mirrors in the bedroom or study room.
  • Never sleep with the head pointing to the North and West directions.
  • It is suggested that students especially boys should never sleep in the North-West sector of the home or North-West part of the room.
  • If the child is a girl, it is recommended that she should never sleep in the South-East sector of the home or South-East part of the room.
  • Keeping an aquarium with nine gold fishes and one black fish, in the North-East portion of the living room (or the area where the family sits together) is very beneficiary.
  • A water fountain or half a dozen bamboo plants are advised to grow in the North-East portion of the house.
  • Students are advised to make liberal use of green and yellow color with dark or light hues in the bedroom and study rooms. Either paint the walls, use bed sheets, floor mats, curtains or charts with these colors.
  • While dining, fix a proper seat facing towards East if the child is a girl and North if the child is a boy. Follow it regularly to build up the healthy aura for the child in the area.
  • Do not allow anyone to make use of the child’s study and bed area.
  • Never play loud music that can cause distraction and stress.
  • Listen to a soothing music at minimum volume in the bedroom before sleeping.

As explained by Master Deepak Ji, Vastu can enhance the educative concentrations in students and can lead to positive results. But it becomes really important to follow the Vastu shastra guidelines as advised for a positive change in your life.

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