Vastu for Hotels - Vastu Shastra For Hotel

Building a deluxe hotel is not enough to attract visitors. An Ideal location, good infrastructure, and right directional guidance are required to impress bounteous of visitors. Vastu plays a key role in making a hotel popular, prosperous and authentic tourist choice.

Hence, before constructing a hotel essential vastu tips for hotels should be considered and implemented.


  1. In order to earn huge profits, the building of a hotel should be constructed on a plot having rectangular or square shape, try to avoid oval, triangular or hexagonal shapes.
  2. The location of the plot should be such that all its four sides are connected to roads at least there should be roads on the North and East side.
  3. Make sure that the land chosen for the construction of your hotel has the slope facing towards the North-East direction.
  4. Main entrance shall be either on East or North side. South-East and South-West not preferred as per Vastu norms.
  5. The design of the building should be such that its North and East portions always remain open.
  6. Ground floor would be appropriate for reception and dining area of the hotel.
  7. There must be adequate provision for light, ventilation and a large open space for the kitchen. Therefore, ground floor should be utilized for the kitchen.
  8. The kitchen should be located in the South-East portion of the building. Place the kitchen appliances such as grinders, ovens etc. in the South-East corners of the kitchen.
  9. The Central part of dining hall should be kept vacant.
  10. Owner should occupy the South-West room of the property. However, the manager’s counter can be arranged on Northside or East side.
  11. Be sure to construct conference hall in your hotel. The first floor is good to be utilized for this purpose.
  12. To ensure a pleasant stay for your customers, make sure that the rooms for them are positioned in the South-West direction.
  13. Place the beds in South or West portion of their rooms. Be assured that customer sleep with their feet towards North or West direction.
  14. Construct the balconies in the Eastern and Northern portions of the premises.
  15. The storeroom should be situated in the southwestern zone of the building or you can also opt for any of southern or western directions.
  16. For the installation of AC, South-East location would be appropriate.
  17. Electric generators and transformers or other such heavy machinery should be installed in the South-East direction.
  18. Washbasin should be located in the North, East or North-East directions. Avoid choosing the center of the hall in any conditions (not even for the sake of convenience).
  19. If you want to construct water bodies, such as swimming pool or fountain, to attract tourists, then the ideal location is North, East or North-East.
  20. Ensure that there is large, open ground preferably in the front of the premises of your hotel.

Vastu should be implemented while construction of any kind of business properties like hotels, restaurants, shops etc.  as it prevents the business from running into losses and maintains a harmonious, peaceful and prosperous environment for its owner, and visitors.

If you are experiencing loss in your business, obstacles in your professional career or suffering from a stressful life, then one of the reasons is Bad Vastu. Those who implement Vastu while planning any business or residence constructions live a happy and contented life.

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