55 Vastu Tips for Home That Bring Peace And Prosperity

Vastu Tips For Home That Bring Peace And Prosperity

A home acquires its own energy type, either positive or negative, but the way it is built and the aura it procures affects the life of its inhabitant. According to traditional beliefs, when a person starts living in a house, his life is utterly influenced by those existing energies. Master Deepak Ji has explained some general Vastu Shastra tips & guidelines to design and construct an ideal place, which will lead to prosperity, protection, and peaceful environment. It is essential to understand, interpret and apply these ground rules for leading a peaceful life.  It is essential to understand and implement these simple and basic Vastu tips for home.

In this article you will know more about:
  • Vastu for bedroom
  • Vastu for home
  • Vastu for home entrance
  • Vastu for living room
  • Vastu tips for bathroom
  • Vastu tips for kitchen
  • Vastu tips for main door

 Vastu Tips for Main/Entrance Door

  1. A clutter free home is a key to a peaceful and prosperous life. Try to maintain an environment free from negative, depressing or cluttered thoughts.
  2. It is recommended to construct two entrances for a house. The main entrance to the house must have a door larger than the other doors in the house while the exit door should be smaller than the main door. Also, both the entrances should never be set in a straight line.
  3. The main door should neither be built in the center of the house nor at the extreme edges.
  4. There should not be a wall in front of the main door while one enters the house.
  5. The main door of the house should not be below the ground.
  6. While constructing a house, keep in mind, that the entrance doors of two houses should not be exactly facing one another neither they should share a common entrance.
  7. There should not be any underground water body or insanitary tanks under the main door.
  8. If there is any abandoned, wrecked buildings in front of the place and you are planning to build your house, it is suggested not to buy that plot. It is considered inauspicious as well as destructive.
  9. Decorate the entrance of the house with beautiful paintings or statues of God. The door should not be in slanting, sliding, or circular position.
  10. Plan out to build balconies towards the East and North. Try to avoid the South and West directions. A cut or truncation should not create in the North-East corner.

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Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen

Vastu tips For Kitchen

  1. Ideally, the kitchen should be built in the South-East corner of the house. In case, you have already planned for the North-West corner, take care of the fact that the cooking platform should be arranged in such a manner that it facilitates cooking while facing East only.
  2. Avoid planning kitchen in the North-East corner and in the South West too, because both locations will cause health and finance related troubles for the inhabitants.
  3. The kitchen should never be situated in front of the main door.
  4. North-East walls should be preferably chosen for placing mirrors, sinks, wash -basins and taps. There should not be any kind of leakage from the taps.
  5. Rooms in the East and West can be used for dining purpose. Light pink or orange color should be given to the dining room. It will maintain a healthy appetite for the inmates.
  6. A rectangular dining table is the best choice for a healthy kitchen aura. While eating, one should face towards East or West.
  7. Grains and other food can be stored in the North-West direction of the kitchen. Oil, butter, ghee, milk and other oily liquids are supposed to be progressive if stored in the South-East of the North-West room.

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Vastu Tips For Rooms, Bed Room, Bathroom, Living Room

Vastu Tips For Rooms, Bed Room, Bathroom, Living Room

  1. The prayer room should be planned to build either in the North-East corner or in the central portion of the house.
  2. The pictures of the God should be placed towards the East side in the prayer room facing West so that prayers can be performed facing East for better concentration and devotion.
  3. No garbage should be thrown or dumped in the North-East corner of the building or a plot. Keep the corner clean and free from dust or dirt.
  4. Place heavy equipments such as the grinder, fridge, etc towards the South and West walls in the kitchen.
  5. Water flowing should be towards the West to East or South to North Water fountain in North to East directions is really good.
  6. The North-East, North and East walls should be decorated with photo frames, mirrors, and paintings of Gods; whereas the West, South and South-West walls can be adorned with a scenery in a dull or matte glaze.
  7. The South wall can be used for hanging pictures of ancestors.
  8. Pictures of family members can be hung on the Eastern wall.
  9. The master bedroom should be planned in the South-West corner, while other bedrooms can be in the Central-South and Central-West directions.
  10. A bedroom in the North-West can be used as a guest room.  Bedrooms should be avoided in the South-East corner.
  11. It is preferable to make children’s rooms in the West or North. Children should have their study desks in the North or East of the room such that they face East while studying.
  12. Always sleep with your head pointing towards South direction and prefer to avoid north direction. Children, however can sleep towards the west.
  13. A good sleep is the best cure for anything. Color your bedrooms with light to deep blues to induce a peaceful night and a sound sleep.
  14. The living room should be positioned in the North or East areas of the house.
  15. Heavy chandeliers, fancy lamps or such embellishing items should not be placed in the geometrical center of the rooms. Place them slightly towards the West or South of the room.
  16. The ideal place for TVs and computers is the South-East corner of the living room or study room. They should not be placed in the North-East or South-West corner of the rooms.
  17. Do not place telephones in the South-West or North-East direction rather they can be placed in the South-East or North-West corner of the house.
  18. It is good to paint the living rooms with the light colors like white, yellow, light pink, light blue or green. Avoid dark shades like red, black or grey.
  19. The center of the home, building, or plot should be kept free from any loads, weights, pillars, etc. It is believed that these create hindrances in the inhabitant’s life and obstruct the progress in their lives.
  20. A staircase should always be constructed towards the South-East, North-West or South-West directions of the house or building, depending on other parameters. Avoid building it in the North and East directions.
  21. The number of steps in a staircase should be chosen odd, covering the landing step, and they should rise from East to West or from North-South.
  22. Try to avoid circular/spiral staircases.
  23. Restrooms should be located in the North-West corner of the building or the house. For an alternative, you can also choose Central-South or Central West.
  24. Mirrors in the restroom and dressing room are good to be placed in the North or East walls.
  25. A bathroom in the East sector is most preferred as the beneficial rays of the rising sun can enter and promote the health of the inhabitant.
  26. Place the table in the Western or Southern side in the study room so that one is sitting facing the East or North while studying.
  27. No equipment, furniture, cupboards, etc should be arranged to touch the North or East walls and if it becomes unavoidable, try to keep them at least 4″ or 6″ away from the walls.
  28. Cash boxes can be located towards the North direction in the room. In case, it is a safe or a heavy closet, then it should be kept in the South-West corner in such a way that its door should open towards the North.
  29. The storage or lumber-room can be located in the South-West, adjacent to the master bedroom.
  30. Plant the Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) or ‘Tulsi’ and other beneficial herbal plants in the North-East. It will promote good health and prosperity.
  31. Never keep broken mirrors in the house.
  32. The toilet/restroom seat is preferred to be designed along the North-South axis.
  33. Add a little sea salt to the water along with any disinfectant while sweeping the floor. It will remove all the negative energies that inhabit the place.
  34. Never grow any cactus or place any decorative cactus items inside the rooms or house.
  35. Keep the finished or re-usable products in the North-West corner. It would help quick movements of the stock & early recovery thereof.
  36. Heavy machinery such as transformers, generators, motors, boilers, furnaces, oil -engines etc should be installed in the SouthEast or southern portion of the plot/building.
  37. Central space(‘Brahmasthan’) is better left open and should be used for rituals or religious ceremonies.
  38. Keeping an aquarium with nine gold fishes and one black fish, in the North-East portion of the house is very beneficiary.

Vastu study has been practiced for years to attain positive energy from the nature to lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life. Master Deepak Ji believe that a place constructed according to Vastu Shastra principles is never deprived of positivity of nature and always prospers a person’s life in all aspects.

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