Vastu Tips For Gas Stations And Service Stations

For a successful business, Vastu is regarded as a keystone that brings progress and wealth. As explained by Master Deepak Ji, choosing an ideal place for your business and the right choice of directions while construction can help to enhance its growth. If Vastu principles are applied accurately on buildings, offices, workplaces then they can benefit the business as well as lead to commercial growth.

Gas Stations and service stations play a crucial role in everyday life. This is really very important to pay special attention to the construction of such premises. as they require high safety to avoid any kind of havoc.  Master Deepak Ji has described simple and easy Vastu Tips For Gas Stations And Service Stations that can be beneficial for their construction.

  • The plot of Gas Station should be square and all corners shall be of 90-Degree.
  • The slope of the plot should be towards North and East.
  • Underground petrol tank should be installed on the North-East side.
  • Place the Display board on the North-West corner.
  • Service station and the store should be at South-West corner.
  • It is considered auspicious if the office door of service stations opens towards East or North side.
  • Cash box should open towards North side as North direction is ruled by God of wealth, Lord Kuber so it is considered that he will bestow his blessings of enormous wealth to people associated with such jobs.
  • Gas Station or underground petrol tank should not be made at the central portion of the plot. Keep the center point of such places clutter free or free from the burden of any kind.

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Master Deepak Ji believes that Vaastu Shastra principles need no reason to be practiced. But if there is no economic growth in your business, or your business is undergoing the financial crisis, enmity, instability etc then the only reason is bad Vastu.

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