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Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji is one of the most popular personages in the field of predictive sciences and an expert astrologer with his specialization as an MD in Vastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Lal Kitab, and last but not the least Gemology.

Guruji has deeply studied about the celestial bodies in the universe and analyzed how they impact our daily lives. After a big hit of his previous television series “Karma Aur Kismat Konnection”, he became popular among people and they admired his simple and easy to follow tips for the betterment of their lives.

Deepak Ji has made a come back with his New Radio Show ‘Mahakaal Living broadcasted on very popular Asian-Indian Radio Station Desi 1170 AM. His first radio program was aired on December 29,2016, and the principal motive behind casting the show on that particular date was to begin a new year with the wonderful predictions by guruji about signs and planetary motions.

In the beginning of the episode,’Mahakaal Living’, Master Deepak Ji bestowed his knowledge of astrology in forecasting about the opportunities for the coming year 2017. The show Mahakaal Living is about guiding audience about Lal Kitab remedies, Vastu tips and astrological facts and beliefs in detail.

A New Year brings new hope, new goals, new resolutions and a new life ahead. In the very first episode, Master Deepak Ji invited his followers to make calls, if they wanted to know about their horoscope or any kind of problems.

The audience welcomed it as a golden opportunity and didn’t miss the chance to speak to their favorite guru Deepak Ji. People wished Guruji a very prosperous beginning of the year 2017 and he aspired for a bright future of their followers.

Vastu Tips

1. Health Tip for the year:

Master Deepak Ji suggested a very simple tip for a healthy being. This tip was specially for the people who were suffering from a blood disease called Anemia or facing deficiency of blood which is furthermore causing weakness in the body. The tip is:
Buy Munakka as per your need. Dip 4-5 Munakkas in water at night. In the morning, consume them empty stomach. This will not only give you relief from Anemia but will also keep your body healthy.

2. Lal Kitab Remedy:

A guest as per Hindu mythology is a form of God. Whenever any guest visits you, do not just welcome them in your homes but also give them a place in your hearts. By doing so you will receive positive vibes from them. Secondly, respect them from all your heart and give them sitting towards the direction of your home and not towards the main door of the home. It will spread their positive energy in your house.

3. Vastu Tip for money problems:

To avoid money-related problems, place an aquarium at home. Just follow these tips while placing it:

Keep it placed in North or East direction of your house.
The aquarium must have at least nine fishes representing nine planets in the universe. There must be one black fish in it.

In case, any of the fish dies, don’t forget to pravah it into a pond or water body.

What is the effect of this tip: This will keep the aura of your home somehow connected with the positive energy and supreme power of the planets and leading you towards the golden days of your life, thus, leaving behind the money issues.

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji also narrated 2-3 stories to improve the morale of his audience. He made sure they can take a lesson from the story and implement it in their lives.

An interesting thing to observe about the show was the anxiety of Guruji’s followers, who very curiously waiting for its broadcast. The followers shared their experiences of the passing year and also thanked Guruji for providing easy remedies that immensely helped them during troubled phases of life.

You can also tune with us on Asian-Indian Radio Station Desi 1170 AM between 2 to 4PM and listen to our radio series. In case, you wanna talk to Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji, you can call  during showtimes. To know your yearly horoscope, you can also buy our new book, written by Master Deepak Ji. To purchase book, please visit here.

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