Banks play a crucial role in world’s economy.  Today, we, humans, use banks for different purposes right from depositing money, getting loans, making electronic payments to online transactions. Banks are largely responsible for payment systems. So, as per Vastu, it really becomes important that such premises are kept highly secure and safe to avoid any kind of havoc, theft or robbery.  Master Deepak Ji has acquainted us with some Vastu shastra guidelines for banks or other financial institutions so that banks never have to face any troubles for inflow and outflow of money.
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Vastu For Bank

These rules define the directions and state what to place and where should be done and what should be avoided for the progress and prosperity of business.

  • Lord Kuber is the in charge of matters related to wealth and money. So this department comes under his supervision and he rules North direction.  So, it is highly recommended that the main entrance of any bank should be in Northern or Eastern side/North-East side.
  • South-East, South-West or North-West corner entrance is strictly avoided according to Vastu rules.
  • The cabin of manager should be located in South-East side facing towards North.
  • Inquiry counter should be at Eastern side.
  • The cashier should sit at Northern or Eastern side. Cash drawer must be opened towards North side.
  • It is mandatory to keep the central portion of the bank vacant.
  • Cash to be disbursed should be from the West or North direction.
  • The slope of the flooring should be towards North or East.
  • The other staff in the bank should occupy the West.
  • It is ideal to maintain the main room of the cash, lockers, and the safe room in the South and it should open towards North or East sides.
  • Always keep the drinking water in the East, North or North-East.
  • The toilets/restrooms in the bank should be located in the West or North-West.
  • Make the staircase on the West, South-West or South-East sides.
  • The parking area should be reserved for the bank employees in the East or North.
  • It is better to arrange loan distribution department in the East or North.
  • The meeting hall should be on the West side.
  • Old records, outcast letters/files etc., are good to be kept in the South-West.

These are some general Vastu Tips by Master Deepak Ji.  Apply these right from today if you want to set on a good career path and achieve success.

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