Vastu Tips For love life

Being in love is the wonderful phase of your life. If it is working smoothly, everything in the world looks like a dream. But if situations take a turn for the worse and your relationship goes through ups and downs, it really becomes difficult to make a balance between your love life and responsibilities.  For maintain a prosperous love life, it is important to build an unbreakable bond with your partner.

Vastu Tips for love

Here are some pretty simple Vastu Tips for love by Master Deepak ji which if implemented accurately can bring harmony to your life and make your relationship stronger and healthier than ever before.

  1. The very first step to a prosperous love life is the home. Never prefer to build your bedrooms in South-East. Keep your bedroom in the South-West of the house.
  2. Always sleep with the heads pointing towards South direction.
  3. Make sure that there is no ‘single’ identity decoration piece in the room, such as a single duck or a single butterfly. Prefer to keep them in a pair, symbolic of a couple.
  4. The idols of your deity should not be placed in the bedroom. It is best to keep them in the prayer room.
  5. To ignite romance to your love life, do not clutter your surroundings with unnecessary or dead stock. For a good healthy relationship, it is very important to pay a special attention to remove the clutter, as they restrict the flow of love.
  6. It is good to keep fresh flowers in the room.
  7. A dusty object means dust on the relationship as well. Therefore, keep your bedroom clear of dust and dirt.
  8. Positive energy flows when you keep such objects and furniture in your room, which symbolize love. For instance, you can keep a heart-shaped clock or a red colored couch in your room.
  9. Try to surround yourself with magnificent love colors, like orange, purple, red and pink.
  10. The couples are advised to make your home or bedrooms attractive, by using romantic candles, flowers, etc.
  11. The door of the attached toilet/restroom must be kept shut and the toilet seat cover should be kept down, when not in use.
  12. A dusty bedroom means dust on the relationship as well. Therefore, make sure that every morning your bedroom free from dust.

Master Deepak Ji believes that practicing Vaastu Shastra principles will surely bless the couples with the cosmic luck and thus, certainly help in attaining positive energies to keep their relationships healthy and happy.

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