Vastu for Hospital | Hospital Vastu Shastra | Vastu Tips for Hospitals

Hospitals are a boon to mankind and doctors are considered as Gods for the patients. It becomes really important to consider location, directions, and other Hospital Vastu Shastra guidelines while constructing a hospital.

A good Vastu implemented Hospitals help the fast and easy recovery of patients.

Read out the Vastu Tips For Hospitals, Clinics & Nursing Homes explained by Master Deepak Ji:

  • The Main door of the hospital should be at East, North or North-East corner of the plot.
  • Inquiry room is best towards the South-East corner.
  • Doctor’s checkup rooms should be built towards North such that his seat should be facing towards North or East.
  • Operation theater should be situated on the Western side.
  • Drinking water can be at North-East side.
  • Restrooms should be at South or Western side,
  • ICU room, Emergency or medical wards should be located at North-West corner.
  • Keep the Operation theater in the West.
  • Try to keep patient’s head on the South side while lying on the stretcher.
  • If possible, it is advised that the doctor should operate facing East or North or West side but never to the South side.
  • The slope of the flooring should be towards North, East or North-East sides.
  • An emergency case or serious case should never be treated in the South-West corner room. The patient should be kept in North-West.
  • The shelves for medical books and medicines counters should be in the South or West.
  • Make the Bathrooms in the East or North directions.
  • X-Ray room, testing laboratories, and Electrical equipment etc. should be in the South-East room.
  • Cash counter or Reception should be located in the South or West and should open towards the North or East.
  • The owner or head of the hospital should occupy South-West side room.
  • The staircase should be constructed in the West, South-West, South-East or North-West directions of hospital.
  •  The parking area should be provided in the East or North sides.
  • Cleaning, changing rooms should be on the South or West sides.
  • The ideal place to build the quarters for nurses is the South-East or North-West area to the Hospital.
  • The middle portion of the hospital should be kept open to the sky. In case of any roof, it should be 2 to 3 ft. higher than the top floor roof.

These are some commonly used Hospital Vastu Shastra guidelines which lead to the quick recovery of patients from serious diseases. If any property is constructed as per Vastu Shastra, it is believed that every direction proves to be beneficial for the occupants.

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