Any factory is an employment source for more than hundreds of people. Additionally, it provides goods on a large scale to serve people all around the world. So, Vastu becomes an important need for the success of such businesses and industries. A Vastu compliant factory will not only lead to larger productions but also earn economic and social profits for its owner and labors as well.

Vastu shastra for factories is a traditional architecture system that describes the principles of design, directions, and development of the property to grant its owner with the three basic P’s of life, i.e. progress, prosperity, and peace.

Vastu Tips for Factories

You might wonder:

Where should be the main entrance gate for factory?

In which direction should i place machinery in my factory?

Is it good to buy south facing plot for my factory?

If your have such questions in your mind then you should read our Vastu Tips for factories, Manufacturing Plants and large scale industries listed below:

  1. It is appropriate to keep the main entrance of the factory towards the North-East direction, either North or East side.
  2. Place the machinery in the South-West corner of the main factory.
  3. The slope of a factory roof should be towards East to North.
  4. The godown or store room should be constructed in the South-Western part of the factory.
  5. The underground water body, if any, must be in the North-East direction below the ground level.
  6. Boiler, transformers, factory chimney should be at the Southeast corner.
  7. Main office place should be at the Central North or Central-Eastside.
  8. Vehicles and car parking should be in the Northern North-West or Eastern South-East.
  9. Security office should be towards the North-East side.
  10. Restrooms should be at the South-East or North-West.
  11. Factory premises in square or rectangle (1:2) proportion is preferably to the North-West. and South-West corners should be at 90-degree angle.
  12. The South and West compound wall of the premises should be made of stone and other heavy items, making South-West corner exactly to a 90-degree angle. The East and North boundaries can be of barbed wire also such that it should be light in weight.
  13. In the South-East corner, leaving 2 ft. to 3 ft. from the compound wall a transformer room can be constructed.
  14. Security Room can be constructed next to the ‘transformer room’ but it should be built separately without touching their walls.
  15. Scrap and other heavy items can be dumped in the South-West corner.
  16. Make the Administrative Office in the West.
  17. Helper’s quarters may be in the North-West corner.
  18. The main plant should be situated in the South-West corner.
  19. The water source should be in the North-East. Keep the level of the plot low in this direction.
  20. Heavy Machinery should be placed in the Southside and lighter machines can be installed on the North Side.
  21. Raw materials, storeroom, waste material etc. should be arranged in the South-West corner.
  22. Dead stock should be kept in the North-West corner. Delivery should be given from a door in the North side.

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