Few Tips To Bring Your Happiness and Success Back

Want to be happy and successful? Bring Happiness and Success back to Your Life with these Tips by Master Deepak Ji on Mahakaal Living.


Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji is an expert to astrological sciences and he has thoroughly studied about planets and stars. According to Master Ji, the planetary movements and their relative positions influence the twelve zodiac signs. Based on the date, time and place of a person and the zodiac sign in which he falls, Master Ji is adept at predicting future of an individual, the personality traits and how to improve life in trouble periods.

Mahakaal Living Show is a boon to so many people who are going through negative or adverse effects of planets placed in unfavorable positions in their horoscope. He has solutions to all kind of personal or professional problems. The only thing that matters is to having faith in Vedic Astrology.

Again in the program,  Master Deepak Ji shared Tips based on Lal Kitab remedy and Vastu Shastra study.  The biggest concern of Master Deepak Ji is to balance the nine planets for their positive influences in an individual’s life and raising the seven chakras to attain energetic vibes for a balanced life. Here are the Mahakaal tips shared by Guru Ji.

Few Tips To Bring Your Happiness and Success Back

The persons who are suffering from ill-impacts by Rahu in their horoscope or if Rahu is devising inner darkness or doubts in your mind and you are not capable of understanding in which your life is going. GuruJi suggested a very simple Lal Kitab remedy for you:

Try to have a meal sitting along with your family. If not possible for every day, try to keep it for once in a week.  And yes if you place a mat on the ground and sit there with your family to take meals, it will be more effective.  This will help you building your relationship stronger with your mother and father, which in Vedic astrology are considered the form of Moon and Sun.

It will improve your sun and moon influences. Secondly, will maintain a peace at your home. And the most important will reduce the Rahu’s ill-impacts on your most important planets i.e Sun and Moon by increasing bond of love with your mother and father.

Vastu Tips

Try to reduce the use of mirrors in your bedrooms. Mirrors reflect antagonistic or aggressive rays which lead to increase in unnecessary arguments between partners or other family members.

Secondly, try to avoid electronic devices in excess in your bedrooms. Mercury rules electronic devices thus dominates Nabhi Chakra when comes in contact with Sun. It causes negativity or lack of self-confidence in your life.

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji is a key to all your problems caused due to planets, stars, horoscope, chakras or houses problems.

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