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Puja Prayer Ceremonies

Master Deepak Ji suggests that Puja is an important aspect in the Hindu rituals. People all across India believe in conducting puja or prayer ceremonies at home as well as in temples to worship deities. He, advocates that this tradition of pleasing the Gods by offering prayers has been practiced since ages. The word “Puja” is a combination of two Sanskrit words. One of the words signify to purify mind and the other means to gain noble qualities by eliminating negative traits. Guruji strongly believes that by conducting prayer ceremonies, an individual acquires positive energies and gets relieved from the effects of bad Karma.

Guruji consider Pujas as one of the methods to connect with God and attain their blessings. He carries out prayer ceremonies to cover different areas of life like career, health, marriage, relationships and so on. While worshiping deities on a daily basis is a custom in India, specific pujas are taken care by priests or pujari. Only a skilled pujari can perform detailed pujas in order to subdue the impact of unfavorable conditions.

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji holds an expertise in executing such pujas. Guruji perform the prayer ceremonies in a way that it has a positive impact on an individual’s life and relieve them from their sufferings. The pujas offered by Guruji include chanting of Sanskrit Mantra. Flowers, fruit, rice, sweets, incense, milk, honey, water and similar other items are also offered to the deity who is being worshiped. He asserts in carrying out the proceedings of the Puja in a strict and correct manner. He strongly believes that if the ceremony is not accomplished well its impact will not be significant and fruitful.

He accentuates that the main aim of the Puja is to receive blessings, purify mind and soul, wash away the negative tendencies of human nature and relieve the individual from the burden of his negative Karma. In order to acquire more positive vibes, Guruji includes a vedic fire ritual known as Havan. Havan or Homa is a symbolic manifestation of the interconnection between the heavenly Gods and human beings. Guruji while reciting the mantras offers something to the deities via the medium of fire. He believes that in return of the offerings, God will embrace the affected individual with strength and power.

Guruji always recommends the presence of the sufferer while the puja is being performed as it is considered beneficiary for them. However, if the individual due to some reason can’t attend the ceremony, Guruji performs it on their behalf. Depending upon the complexity of the situation that a person is dealing with, Guru ji decides whether the prayer offering will last for few hours or few days. Before a Puja is supposed to be done, Guru ji dedicate prays for the success of the ceremony and for the accumulation of good fortune for the seeker.

Deepak Ji perform Puja on a daily basis for the betterment of humankind at Mahakaal Living. Guruji is always available for his seekers who are in trouble. He provides them with solutions that are effective and wave off their problems. So far several people have shown trust and faith in the remedies suggested by him.