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Master Deepak ji is a learned and well known name in the field of astrological sciences. With years of experience and having devoted most of his life to serve humankind, Master Deepak ji offers varied astrology services. He continues to facilitate a better life to people through his effective solutions. Several seekers have confirmed to attain immense benefits by availing the specialist services provided by Master Deepak ji.

Vedic Astrology

Jyotisha, the traditional Hindu system of astrology, forms an integral aspect in lives of many in India and overseas. Commonly referred to as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology and Vedic astrology, the science explains the movements and positioning of planets with respect to day and time. The impact and effect on the zodiac signs is calculated… Read More »

Lal Kitab Remedies

Master Deepak Ji is a learned in the field of Lal Kitab remedies. He follows and refers to the Kitab for solutions on varied aspects of human life. He explained that the approach of  theories in the Lal Kitab are different from the conventional ones discussed in classical astrology. The upays suggested cover the modern… Read More »

Vedic Yagna Services

Master Deepak Ji suggests that Yagna is an important aspect in the Hindu rituals. People all across India believe in conducting Yagna or prayer ceremonies at home as well as in temples to worship deities. He advocates that this tradition of pleasing the Gods by offering prayers has been practiced since ages. The word “Yagna”… Read More »

Gemstones Therapy

Gemstones are considered as an integral part of Vedic Astrology. Since ages, gemstones have been taken into account as remedies to overcome unpleasant or weak or troublesome life condition. Gemstones do lay a positive impact on the life condition of an individual, however, it is important that the person wears the correct gemstone in the… Read More »

Rudraksha Therapy

Spiritually Mystic Bead – Rudraksha Rudraksha, the sacred bead, strongly comprehends an individual’s life spiritually and therapeutically. The word is a combination of two words, Rudra (Lord Shiva) and Aksha (Tears) that signifies Lord Shiva’s tears. Master Deepak Ji highly recommends to wear these traditional healing beads to treat several ailments and also to purify… Read More »

Personalized Navagraha Mantras

Master Deepak Ji is recognized for his expertise in deducing the planetary positions with respect to time and its impact on human life. Master Deepak Ji provides different solutions to face and overcome the problematic situation arisen due to malefic planets. Master Deepak Ji devotes personal attention to the problems of the seekers and suggests them… Read More »

Zodiac Diet

Food is one of the most important segments relating to the survival of human life. According to Master Deepak Ji, food holds an integral significance in the field of astrology. Planetary importance and diet of an individual go hand in hand. Master Deepak Ji suggests there are certain foods that are specifically related to a… Read More »

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra – The Ancient Science of Harmonious Living Vastu Shastra, this branch of astrology is a blend of Vedic Sciences and ancient Indian architectural science that emphasize on positive living. Following the principles of Vastu Shastra promises flow of positive vibes in the house. Home is a place every individual wants to return to… Read More »