Rudraksha: Types, Benefits, Best Time To Wear & How To’s

Everything About Rudraksha Beads In A Nutshell

Traditionally ‘Rudraksha’ beads are very significant and their importance can be easily recognized from ancient Puranas and Vedic Scriptures. Rudraksha beads are known as the most powerful means for self-enlightenment.  As its seeds are used as praying beads in Hinduism and Buddhism, so the one who wears Rudraksha attains inner peace, self-empowerment and lives a courageous life.

What is a Rudraksha?

Rudraksha is derived from two words Rudra which mean Lord Shiva and ‘Aksha’ which means teardrops.  It is believed that Rudraksha trees emanated at the places, where Lord Shiva shed His tears.  So the beads of Rudraksha have a huge impact on Indian traditions.  Master Deepak Ji explains that Rudraksha is blessed with the power of gods and goddesses, and amongst different types of rudraksha, 1 Mukhi rudraksha, rudraksha 3 Mukhi, rudraksha 4 Mukhi, rudraksha 5 Mukhi are the most influential beads to wear and give amazing benefits to its wearer.

1 Mukhi rudraksha 3 Mukhi rudraksha 5 Mukhi rudraksha

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Rudraksha Beej Mantras

Four-faced or Char-Mukhi Rudraksha

4-faced Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Brihaspati, Goddess Saraswati, and God Brahma. Lord Brihaspati is recognized as the Guru of the Devas and is known for the bestowal of wisdom. Goddess Saraswati is known for melodious voice and knowledge. Lord Brahma is known for the blessing of life.  The ruling planet of this rudraksha is Jupiter. All these three divine powers help humans to survive in all four principles of Karma, ‘Sukh’, ‘Dukh’, ‘Anand’ and ‘Moksha’.

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4 Mukhi rudraksha is the most valuable rudraksha among all and has its own significances. Master Deepak Ji highly recommends that before wearing any rudraksha, ask your personal astrologer and take suggestions about what rudraksha is right for you as per your horoscope.

Beej Mantra of 4 Mukhi Rudraksha:

One can enhance the results of Rudraksha by enchanting beej mantra of that particular type of rudraksha. Beej mantra for Four faced Rudraksha is ‘Om Hreem Namah’. Keep chanting this mantra for 108 times.

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What is the Best Time To Wear Rudraksha?

The most auspicious day for wearing any type of Rudraksha is Monday. Monday is considered as the day of Lord Shiva. Other than Monday, one can also choose Wednesday or Sunday for the purpose.

The wearer of rudraksha should worship it. One should have devotion, reverence, and faith in rudraksha before deciding to wear it.  The most appropriate time to wear rudraksha is morning when rays of the sun are reflecting vibes of positive energy.

Get up early and take a bath. Following the general rituals required to perform during Rudraksha puja and then wear it.The wearer promises to live a life of purity and as a result, he is blessed with a happy and prosperous life.

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How to wear Rudraksha first time?

  • Take some fresh milk and add honey, curd, very little amount of GangaJal, and a drop of Desi Ghee to it and mix it.
  • Wash the Rudraksha Mala or bracelet with the mixture.
  • After this get some pure water in any vessel and again wash the Mala.
  • Now place it in front of Lord Shiva picture in the home or Shivling in the temple.
  • Afterward, enchant “Om Hreem Namaha”, Om Namaha Shivaya” 108 times.
  • Thereafter, it becomes divine and is ready to be worn by an individual. After performing every single step to wear Rudraksha, it forms a layer of heavenly shield around its wearer and thus bestows love, harmony, a balance of mind and wisdom.

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10 Rules You Must Follow If You Wear Rudraksha

  1. One must wear rudraksha after taking bath in the morning.  Recite the Beej Mantra and then wear it.
  2. Enchanting rudraksha beej mantra daily 7, 9 11 or 27 times daily before wearing or removing it.
  3. Do not forget to remove it before going to bed. Place it at puja place at home.
  4. The wearer of the Rudraksha should not eat non vegetarian food and should not take alcohol.
  5. You should speak the truth always and must visit the temple of  Lord Shiva for his blessings.
  6. Rudraksha must not be taken to the cremation grounds and funerals. Also, it must not be taken to the place while visiting a new born baby.
  7. NEVER wear the Rudraksha while having sex.
  8. WOMEN must not wear the Rudraksha during their menstrual cycle.
  9.  Wash your Rudraksha with some blessed holy water. This helps maintain its sanctity.
  10. If an individual can’t wear it, keep the beads in Puja room and offer daily Namaskars.

Which Rudraksha is best for me?

The most important thing that comes to mind while deciding to wear any Rudraksha is how to know which rudraksha to wear. Master Deepak Ji says that everyone can wear this beloved jewel of Lord Shiva but each rudraksha has its own effects and is recommended as a remedy to heal malefic impacts of certain planets or stars as per the horoscope of a person.  Also, the recommendation of best rudraksha depends on the place, time and date of birth of an individual to calculate the horoscope and to know which rudraksha can give best outcomes after wearing. One can also wear a combination of rudraksha.

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What Are The Benefits of wearing rudraksha?

  • The wearer of Four faced Rudraksha is blessed with strong memory power, intelligence, and wisdom.
  • It helps the singers and public speakers to achieve bright future and success in their respective career.
  • This rudraksha is highly beneficial for students, journalists, writers, and teachers.
  • Another important benefit of this rudraksha is its health benefits.It regulates the functioning of thyroid glands thus improving the immune system.
  • It improves the concentration practices thus helps in meditation and attaining peace of mind.

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