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Blue Sapphire Gemstone – Astrological Effects & Benefits


Astrological Gemstones have a peculiar importance in Vedic astrology and are used from ages to get relieved from the problems caused by malefic planets. According to Vedic Astrologer Master Deepak Ji, all the nine planets in the universe are represented by the 9 special gemstones. These gemstones have colors as emitted by their representative planet.

What is Blue Sapphire stone?


Blue Sapphire Gemstone is the most powerful gemstone amongst all and is related to planet Saturn. The Saturn is the slowest planet in the solar family. It takes about two and a half year to traverse a zodiac sign. Saturn is ruled by Lord Shani and Blue Sapphire is recommended to heal Saturn if it is a deity planet in your horoscope. Lord Shani is known for his strict Justice. He punishes or rewards an individual based on his deeds.


 How to wear Blue Sapphire – Neelam?


One can wear Blue Sapphire to get the blessings of Lord Shani if recommended by an experienced Astrologer based on reading one’s horoscope.

Before you wear any birthstone, it requires purification and activation. For this process, make a mixture of milk, honey, and divine water or GangaJal.

Dip the ring in this mixture for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

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Burn 5 incense sticks to the Name of Lord Shani and pray to seek blessings from him.

Then take out the ring from the pure water and circulate the sticks 11 times around the stone while enchanting the Mool Mantra for it which is “Om Shanishchraye Namah

After reciting the mantra, you can wear it in your middle finger of right hand.

Every Gemstone takes few months to give the results to its wearer and thus same for Blue Sapphire. As a result, the wearer is blessed with fortune, fame happiness, longevity, and prosperity.

In which metal one should wear blue sapphire?


If you want to wear Neelam or Blue sapphire, you can purchase a 3 to 6 karats stone and make it a gold or silver ring studded.

For best results, Neelam is recommended to be worn in gold but if you can’t afford gold, you can make it in panchdhatu [ five metal] or silver as well.

What is the Best time to wear blue sapphire?

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This stone is advised to be worn either in the morning of any Saturday during Shukla Paksha or in the evening before the sunset. Master Deepak Ji recommends that evening time is the best time to worship and wear it in order to accumulate the numerous benefits.

Should I wear a blue sapphire gemstone or not?

The myth surrounding the gemstone are wearing it is too risky and results in two specific conditions – either it will prove beneficial or it will do harm to its wearer and there is no midway.

So, this becomes necessary to take an advice from an experienced astrology expert before wearing this stone. If you want to consult Master Deepak Ji about your gemstone recommendation, you can book your appointment now.

 Blue Sapphire side Effects


If Saturn is placed at a malefic position in the birth chart of a person, then one should get ready to suffer the unfortunate consequences in his life.  The malefic positions can be when Saturn is placed in the chart with Sun, Moon, Mars, and Rahu and if one has any of these patterns in his horoscope, Saturn will offer unfavorable influences.

Weak or Malefic Saturn denotes long and chronic diseases. The wearer starts falling sick especially suffering from high fevers, severe headaches and diseases like bone and knee problems, paralysis, insanity etc.

He or She stays unnecessarily scared. and even see violent dreams especially those of fights and abominable things/beings.

The wearer may go through a bad situation such as injury or accident.


Top 10 Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire

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Blue Sapphire is recommended for planet Saturn as it absorbs the positivity of its ruling planet and thus strengthens the aura of its wearer making it protective for the wearer to withstand the obstacles.

  1. It is believed that wearing it can cure diseases related to knee and bone problems, improves the memory power, and thus keep him happy and healthy.
  2. Wearing the stone is considered to bring happiness to the life of its wearer.
  3. Wearing Blue Sapphire brings intellectualism to the thoughts of its wearer and promotes his mind towards genuine thoughts removing all kinds of negative or destructive feelings.
  4. The blue rays reflected by the planet Saturn are beneficial to nourish and strengthen the vascular system, nerve sheaths, sense organs, blood, and brain. Consequently, wearing Blue Sapphire absorbs all such rays from the planet, thus, improving can help maintaining the healthiness of these parts of the body.
  5. Wearing this stone will bestow blessings of Lord Shani in your personal and professional lives. You will attain fame, wealth and a good health.
  6. This stone is truly advantageous to heal the mind related problems and thus improving mental abilities of the wearer.
  7. Favorable Saturn leads to unbelievable heights in your career. Wearing such a stone help to produce circumstances that can bring Saturn in your favor.
  8. Wearing a Neelam Ratna or Blue Sapphire stone can make a person hardworking. He learns to live a disciplined life.
  9. It is believed that Lord Shani can even change the fortune of a person making him the richest person from even a beggar situation. So this stone can help to please the lord to make good financial fortune.

One must wear any gemstone only after consulting an expert, who after checking your horoscope can recommend you the best-suited birthstone for favorable results. If you want to consult our astrology expert Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji about your gemstone recommendation, you can contact us here.

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Rudraksha: Types, Benefits, Best Time To Wear & How To’s

Everything About Rudraksha Beads In A Nutshell

Traditionally ‘Rudraksha’ beads are very significant and their importance can be easily recognized from ancient Puranas and Vedic Scriptures. Rudraksha beads are known as the most powerful means for self-enlightenment.  As its seeds are used as praying beads in Hinduism and Buddhism, so the one who wears Rudraksha attains inner peace, self-empowerment and lives a courageous life. Read more

5 Lal Kitab Tips You Should Follow Daily For A Better Life

5 Lal Kitab Tips You Should Follow Daily For A Better Life

Master Deepak Ji states that Vedic Astrology is study of divine sciences that helps to look into the future, character traits and destiny of an individual from the position of planets and stars at the time of his birth.

If an individual wants to reach to their destiny, then the most important factor to be focused is the path they choose. Without finding the right path, no one can achieve their goals. Read more

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra – The Ancient Science of Harmonious Living

Vastu Shastra, this branch of astrology is a blend of Vedic Sciences and ancient Indian architectural science that emphasize on positive living. Following the principles of Vastu Shastra promises flow of positive vibes in the house. Home is a place every individual wants to return to ease themselves, enjoy with their family, alleviate their stress and much more. Astrologer Master Deepak Ji asserts that a house constructed and maintained as per Vastu promotes optimistic environment. Additionally, it favors your personal and professional growth.

Vastu derives its significance from the root word ‘Vas’ which means to live in or reside. The original Sanskrit literature explains Vastu Shastra as an art of establishing sound dwelling for Gods and humans. This traditional system of architecture lays its foundation on Vedic origins for the overall wellbeing of the occupants of the house.

Vastu Shastra and Cosmic Energies

According to Master Deepak Ji, varied Granthas on Vastu Shastra are based on the principle of cosmic energies. Guruji explains that the scholars during the Vedic age emphasized on the impact of celestial bodies, including planets, stars and asteroids, on each other. They specifically mentioned that the life on Earth is influenced by the energies emitted by the Sun, Moon and other heavenly planets. In addition, various geological and scientific factors like gravitational forces, electromagnetic field, wind, directions etc, are affected by these cosmic energies.

Vastu Shastra and the Five Elements

Guruji asserts that you can consider Vastu Shastra as a medium to receive the benefits bestowed by the five elements of the universe. Your body and life is a composition of these five basic elements or Panch Mahabhutas namely, Akash, Prithvi, Paani, Agni, and Vayu. Deepak Ji suggests that the principles of Vastu Shastra are applied in association with these Panch Mahabhutas.

The elements are closely related to the external environment and human life. Going against the principles of nature favors negativity and destruction. However, working for the nature and implementing the fundamentals of Vastu Shastra can help bring harmony, peace, positivity and growth in the house.

Vastu Application for Homes and Offices

Proper directions are necessary for the smooth running of life. Walking on the right path is essential when it comes to your home or office. Deepak Ji affirms to take into consideration Vastu Shastra before establishing a new construction. However, he claims that the principles can be implemented even in the built residential and commercial premises without demolishing the structure.

Certain Vastu tips for home, rooms, entrance of the house can help bring about significant change in the atmosphere. In case of corporate and business areas, tips applied for the Director’s room, meeting room, main gate, entrance door and other interiors generate a positive impact on the development of the business.

Change of directions can bring in changes in your life. We always try to follow right direction in life, then why not for our home or office? Vastu and Feng Shui principles should be followed for new constructions. These solutions can be applied without demolition on existing residential and commercial premises also. This science makes the atmosphere harmonious around us and gives positive energy and aura to live and achieve career growth & success. 

Master Deepak Ji believes that Vastu Shastra is much more than a system of architecture. It is an art that ecompassess architecture and astrological fundamentals that are necessary for a peaceful living.

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5 Lal Kitab Tips You Should Follow Daily For A Better Life

Some Useful Astrology Tips By Master Deepak Ji



Master Deepak Ji believes that understanding the intentions of the soul, directing it towards the right path and thus controlling your five senses is paramount. Our soul is everything we should know about. Our soul is the only way to meet the supreme God within you.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce the audience to the power of their soul. As per Vedic Astrologer Master Deepak Ji, his study of stars and planets can reveal the incarnation intentions of a human soul that manifest our desire of living a happy life.

The first secret of happiness is a peaceful soul and to attain a peace of mind, one must try to bring positive thoughts to mind – says Guru Ji

Astrological tips for the day:

  1. Spend some time with yourself. For this, an effective way is to go to some natural place like park or garden, close your eyes and sit there to observe the silence.  There should be no thoughts in your mind. Feel the world around you, listen to the noise around you and experience the things happening in the world. It will give you an opportunity to think deeply about changes that you require for yourself and ways to make a better world for you.
  1. Vastu Tip of the day:  Whenever you make arguments in your home while sitting on sofa, chair or bed anywhere, the place where you sit at that moment gets occupied with the negative energies due to disputes or disagreements.  So the tip is, spread them salt at the places where you generally sit or you lastly had conflict, and then leave it for few hours.

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After that, clean the places, spread some GangaaJal there.

This will remove all types of negative forces from the home and make you feel better.

  1. Lal Kitab Remedy:

People suffering from atrocious or bad Thursdays have problems related to Weak Jupiter.  Weak Jupiter is a sign of adverse health troubles, conceiving problem, and problems during pregnancy.

In order to heal your weak Jupiter, Master Deepak Ji suggested two very helpful Lal Kitab remedies mentioned below:

  • Take blessings from your parents every day. Keep your parents happy with whatever you do.
  • Try to Give some part from your income to your parents or you can also buy a present from your salary and gift them on special occasions.
  • Place a yellow colored Kaudi in your wallet or purse.
  • And in case, you didn’t get it, you can buy a yellow colored hanky with equal length from all sides. Spread some Ganga Jal on it. Now apply Tilak on it and always keep it with you. It will make your Thursdays more positive, lucky and beneficial in every sense for you and your family.

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji discussed the festival of Lohri & Makar Sankranti with the audience in this episode. He described the significance of these festivals all over the world.  As shared by GuruJi, Makar Sankranti is the biggest opportunity to heal the Sun and make it stronger for the people who have Weak Sun in their horoscope,

To know more about these festivals, you can subscribe to our Mahakaal Living channel on YouTube and listen to all our radio shows. Apart from it, If you too have any problems, you can tune with us on Asian-Indian Radio Station Desi 1170 AM between 2 to 4 PM.

In case, you want to talk to GuruJi personally or want to take an appointment to meet him, you can call us on 510-324-3100.

Food Astrology

Zodiac Diet

Food is one of the most important segments relating to the survival of human life. According to Master Deepak Ji, food holds an integral significance in the field of astrology. Planetary importance and diet of an individual go hand in hand. Master Deepak Ji suggests there are certain foods that are specifically related to a planet and including them in the diet often helps alleviate its negative impact.

Concept behind Food and Astrology

Food is one of the most important segments relating to the survival of human life. According to Master Deepak Ji, food holds an integral significance in the field of astrology. Planetary importance and diet of an individual go hand in hand. Master Deepak Ji suggests there are certain foods that are specifically related to a planet and including them in the diet often helps alleviate its negative impact.

Explaining the correlation of food and astrology in depth, Master Deepak Ji emphasized that as per the principles of Vedic Astrology, planets or Grahas are living entities. Similar to other living beings, even planets need food. As it is well quoted, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach (via well-cooked and delicious food), likewise to please weak or agitated Grahas eat foods associated with them.

Specific Foods According to Different Planets

Master Deepak Ji provides a list of few foods that are considered to influence a planet by their color and nature. In addition, these suggested foods help strengthen the graha and hence, improve your luck.

Rice: Rice is flavorable to please the planet, Moon. It is believed to keep the body and mind at peace. Master Deepak Ji suggests, people whose Moon is weak should eat rice. Also, those who are short-tempered and feel stressful, should include rice in their diet. However, Master Deepak Ji asserts that if Moon and Rahu both are in the same house, you must not eat rice.

Lentil: Lentils are considered as a major source of proteins. To satisfy and please the planets, different grams are astrologically related to different grahas.


  • For Jupiter, Master Deepak Ji recommends yellow dal or split red lentil.
  • For Mars, red lentil is considered favorable.
  • For Saturn, feed and donate black or split black gram.
  • In case of Mercury, green or even split green dal provides positive results.

Wheat: In order to strengthen your Sun, Master Deepak Ji suggests eating chapatis or other dishes made of wheat. This will help boost you physically, add to your fame-prestige and position in the society. Also, wheat will bring harmony amongst the family.

Spices: Similar to lentils, specific spices are found beneficiary for particular planets.

A few of the examples are as follows:

  • To strengthen the Jupiter, turmeric is adviced.
  • To please Saturn, use cumin, clove, elaichi and black pepper.
  • Mars is influenced by making use of red pepper.
  • Mercury is positively affected by green elaichi and saunf.
  • To alleviate the problems caused by Rahu, use Asafoetida, cumin and thyme.

Foods Related to Days and their Ruling Planet

  • Sunday

Ruling Planet: Sun

Associated Food: Wheat

Taste: Bitter (like bitter gourd)

  • Monday

Ruling Planet: Moon

Associated Food: White rice

Taste: Salty. However, don’t use salt in excess, instead eat sea vegetables.

  • Tuesday

Ruling Planet: Mars

Associated Food: Red lentils / Masoor Dal

Taste: Pungent. Prefer eating or drinking aloe vera juice.

  • Wednesday

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Associated Food: Mung beans, Green lentils and Green vegetables

Taste: Mixed


  • Thursday

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Associated Food: Yellow Dal, Chick peas

Taste: Sweet. Prefer eating foods that are naturally sweet.


  • Friday

Ruling Planet: Venus

Associated Food: Lima Beans

Taste: Sour

  • Saturday

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Associated Food: Black Lentils, Sesame Seeds, Black Chana

Taste: Astringent

Master Deepak Ji asserts that these simple changes in your diet plans can bring about a change in your stars and favor good fortune.

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Rudraksha Therapy

Rudraksha Therapy

Spiritually Mystic Bead – Rudraksha

Rudraksha, the sacred bead, strongly comprehends an individual’s life spiritually and therapeutically. The word is a combination of two words, Rudra (Lord Shiva) and Aksha (Tears) that signifies Lord Shiva’s tears. Master Deepak Ji highly recommends to wear these traditional healing beads to treat several ailments and also to purify the wearer mentally, physically and spiritually.

The ancient Hindu mythology reveals that Rudraksha tree was created as a result of teardrops shed by Lord Shiva. He was distressed by the vicious conduct of demon Tarakasur’s sons, thus, went into deepest meditation with his eyes filled with tears. A few of his teardrops fell on Earth and resulted in the production of Rudraksha tree.

These trees are commonly found in the areas between Foothills of Himalayas and Ganges plains. The magic bead, Rudraksha, is obtained by removing the upper coating of the blue colored fruit that is borne by the tree.

Types of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is available in different sizes and forms. Master Deepak Ji suggests that the power and efficacy of the bead is independent of the size but it is necessary for the bead to be ripe, pure and healthy.

The characteristics of a Rudraksha are decided by its form or commonly known as Mukhi. Each bead possesses a different number of facets or mukhis. On the basis of mukhis, Rudraksha is classified into 27 different types.

Master Deepak Ji explains that the top portion of Rudraksha is devoted to and known as Brahma, the middle portion is controlled by and known as Vishnu and the bottom portion is known as Shiva. Hence, wearing a Rudraksha signifies that the wearer obtains blessings from the 3 main GODs: Generator (Brahma), Operator (Vishnu) & Destructor (Shiva).

A few specific Rudraksha include:

  • Ganesha (a Rudraksha having trunk like protrusion on its body)
  • Gauri Shankar (two Rudraksha having naturally joined in the center)
  • Trijuti (three Rudraksha beads joined naturally together)
  • Sawar (a Gauri Shankar in which one bead has only one line or Mukhi)

Healing and Other Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

The significance of a Rudraksha bead lies in its power to cure varied physical and psychological ailments. Master Deepak Ji explains that beads have a direct impact on the human body, hence, provide a quick relief.

A few of the therapeutic benefits provided by the bead include:

  • Treating migraine
  • Controlling high blood pressure
  • Alleviating heart problems
  • Relief against spinal and bone pains
  • Healing throat disorders
  • Positive impact on the Central Nervous System
  • Helps ease the mind and produce positive mood-making chemicals

Master Deepak Ji emphasizes that he suggests a Rudraksha in accordance to the ruling planet and the ailment of an individual. Master Deepak Ji asserts that anyone can wear the bead to avail its other benefits, including:

  • Balancing of the body chakras
  • Helping overcome fear and stress
  • Reducing the negative effects of malefic planets
  • Alleviates the ill impact of Karma
  • Helps bring focus of mind


Rudraksha therapy is considered as an effective method to overcome several emotional and physical turmoils. Master Deepak Ji mentions that in most of the cases, you will observe the positive effect of Rudrakshas in 7-8 days. However, the duration may be more in the case of people facing deep rooted troubles.

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Know about your Career

Career or Business Analysis

Know about your Career or Business Prospects

Vedic Astrology has the answer to your all your queries. Master Deepak Ji thoroughly analyzes the Dashas in your horoscope and their impact on your career or business in the coming time and accordingly prepares a report. The report can help you grasp the opportunities and avoid the major problems.

Make the Most of your Career and Excel in your Business !

Using Vedic astrology, Master Deepak Ji takes into consideration the planetary positions and transits to provide:

  • A detailed review of your career path or growth in business in the coming months
  • New opportunities and issues that you may face
  • The influence of planetary transits on your business or career
  • Easy to follow remedies to overcome the negative conditions
  • & much more…

Send us your details in the appointment page for a comprehensive Career or Business Analysis

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Guna Match

Guna Match

Marriages are relationships for lifetime. In order to maintain harmony, understanding and avoid conflicts between the couple, Guna Match is necessary before a wedding. Guna Match or Guna Milan is an ancient practice under Vedic astrology that aims to analyze the compatibility between the boy and the girl through certain tests of horoscope.

The suitable couple

For Guna Milan,  Master Deepak Ji  studies the Kundlis of the boy and girl based on the placement of the Moon. In order to be married, a minimum of 18 Gunas are supposed to match. A score below this is regarded unsuitable for marriage.

Send us the details of a boy and girl in the appointment page for the appropriate Guna Match report

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VarshPhal – Year Ahead

What is the year going to be for you?

Know the answers to all your queries and doubts regarding the coming year through our VarshPhal services. The Vedic Astrology based predictions made by Master Deepak Ji proposes a detailed know-how of all the aspects related to your life condition.

Unravel your year

Master Deepak Ji analyses the Varshaphala Kundli to prepare a basic yearly report that reveals:

  • The problems you will deal
  • The opportunities you will bag
  • Time-to-time evaluation for the year
  • Details about the professional and personal life
  • Doshas and Dashas in the Kundali
  • & much more…

Send us the details in the appointment page for an extensive VarshPhal Report:

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